The creative path that brings Arcangelo Bungaro to jewellery starts from his artistic formation and strengthens through long collaborations with leading brands of fashion, design and communication.

The jewels are, in a way, the results  360 degrees experimentation that focus Arcangelo Bungaro collections in a fictional universe inspired by nature, animals, the contrast between materials, the "wonder of the unexpected” and the uniqueneofss of organic shapes, but also by the pure goldsmith traditions, the union between modern and ancient, precious and poor materials, with a view to create "sculptures for the body", strongly evocative.

In parallel to this line close to the handicraft tradition and composed of unique pieces, since 2001, with a completely different stylistic and creative approach, Arcangelo Bungaro has been collaborating with Binda Group, especially for the jewellery brand Breil, creating for them bestsellers masterpieces.

The commercial success achieved is the result of a specific attention to the technological innovation and production and to the application of concepts and modern languages to the universe of jewellery and accessories design on large-scale products.

The jewels collections are renewed each season by finding new inspirations and unusual variations following and often anticipating the market and its ever-changing needs.


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