Collection with very simple lines that synthesize the shapes in the essence of the jewel, griffes and semiprecious stones, colorful and cheerful. Because of their simplicity, the rings lend themselves to being worn in small bunches.

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  • fedine diamanti
    micro band rings in yellow, black, pink and white gold with fancy diamonds
  • cabochon doppio
    Yellow gold ring with kyanite and cabochon fire opal
  • tormaline
    multicolored tourmalines on yellow or pink white gold
  • set3
    Set of three rings in rose gold and red sapphire stones, fire opal
  • set7
    Set of seven rings in rose gold and stones of amethyst, opal, fire opal, sapphire and peridot
  • orecchini zaffiri gialli
    Earrings in yellow gold and yellow drop sapphires
  • orecchini zaffiri rossi
    Yellow gold earrings with oval cut red sapphires
  • rubino stellato
    Ring with ruby ​​stars on rose gold