Collection of jewelry dedicated to dogs and theyr fans. Many of the pieces represented are French Bulldogs. Other breeds can be made on request

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  • bullo multipietre
    Ring in rose gold-plated silver with mix of set stones, garnets, opals, sapphires, natural zircons
  • anello 4 levrieri
    Greyhounds ring in yellow gold and blue star sapphire and diamonds
  • anello collare
    Ring in white gold, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and multicolour sapphires
  • gatto alice
    Silver rose gold-plated ring with yellow sapphires
  • gatto 2
    Rose gold ring with ruby ​​eyes
  • anello griffone
    Ring in rose gold and black onyx eyes
  • boule oro
    Ring with French bulldog head in iron, collar in natural white gold and colored sapphires
  • bouledogue ivory
    Pink gold ring, diamonds and ivory carved plaque
  • medaglione
    Medallion in yellow gold-plated silver, with multicolor sapphires and garnets
  • pendente boule
    pendant with a small French bouledogue in glass paste of around 1930. Mounted in yellow gold and diamonds
  • cameo
    Cameo with Bakelite mosaic of French bouledogue, frame in silver
  • orecchini Boule frontali
    Silver earrings with french bulldog, aquamarines and pink pearls
  • anello bullo antico
    Ring with French bulldog from antique model, in rose gold and diamond collar
  • doppia testa
    Rings in white gold, silver, yellow gold and patinated in black with two heads of French Bulldog
  • gemelli cani
    Cufflinks in rose gold with pearls
  • pendente
    Pendant in yellow gold with French bullldog, sapphire collar
  • cabochon antico
    Ring in natural white gold with a carved cabochon crystal from the 30s. Pink sapphires
  • anello boule
    Silver ring with a French bulldog head
  • orecchini bouledogue medaglie
    Earrings with French bulldog in rose gold, pendants with baroque pearls
  • bassotto
    Silver and enamel pendant with hard-haired dachshund