This collection is dedicated to Milan, the snake is its symbol. An agile and elegant animal that lives between land and water. Svelte are knotted and wrapped in colored or simple stones like open pieces to be mixed. In white, pink and yellow gold

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  • Kunzite
    Ring with a drop of kunzite, mounted in natural white gold
  • Iolite
    Ring with triangular iolite, mounted in yellow gold
  • Prasiolite
    Ring in white gold and triangular cut Prasiolite
  • Spessartite
    Ring in yellow gold and spessartite garnet
  • Opali
    Rings in yellow opal on yellow gold and noble opal on rose gold
  • Tris
    Modular rings in rose gold
  • Anello biscia
    Ring with single snake
  • Anello serpentello
    Simple ring with a small snake