New Antique is a collection that is inspired by the historical jewels. In design they can recall a certain historical period for the use of workmanship, new materials or pieces of antique jewelry, then reinterpreted with a contemporary taste or simply combined in an original way. wearing them is reassuring and the strength of the past is regenerated in the present

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  • Anello discobolo
    Rose gold ring and carved antique cameo
  • Anello Giove
    Jupiter's head ring, in rose gold plated silver and fire opals
  • Anello Minerva
    Ring with antique cameo carved in natural white gold
  • Trianon
    Trianon pendant in silver plated gold, carnelian, and tourmaline
  • Fauno
    Rose gold ring with garnet eyes and smoky quartz
  • roman rings
    Rings in yellow and pink gold with Greek coins
  • Marte
    Collier with antique lava cameo , aquamarine, corals and pearls, mounted in bronze rose gold plated
  • dea
    Rose gold plated silver pendant with topazes and fire opals
  • medaglia zeus
    Medallion with Zeus in rose gold plated silver and cabochon Iolite
  • orecchini
    Earrings in rose gold-plated silver with profiles of antique cameos, rose quartzes and pearls
  • sigillo
    Antique Scottish chalcedony seal ring, mounted in yellow gold and set in small rough diamonds
  • anello nonna
    Antique ring with diamond reinterpretated, mounted on white natural color gold