Collection of precious, and elegant jewels. Each piece of jewelery is unique, as always done entirely by hand with high jewelery techniques carried out in collaboration with Italian artisan excellences

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  • Anello perla
    White gold ring with Australian pearl, drop cut diamond and diamonds
  • orecchini perle
    Earrings with large pearls, sapphires and cups in enamelled pink gold
  • tormalina verde
    Rose gold ring with cabochon green tourmaline
  • OUI
    Oui ring, in white and pink gold, with brilliant-cut gray and white diamonds
  • wings
    Pendant in yellow gold and amethyst
  • collier pesce
    White gold necklace, large fish-like baroque pearl, degraded pearls and cabochon-cut indicolite eyes and diamonds
  • teschio rubini
    Memento ring in rose gold, rubies and hand-carved bone head
  • teschio2
    Memento ring in natural white gold and hand carved bone head
  • teschio nero
    Ring with yellow gold, diamonds and hand-carved black horn skull
  • granato scheggia
    Ring in yellow gold with natural garnet
  • anello rana
    Ring in bronze, rose gold plated, hand-carved bone frog, aquamarine, diamond and garnet
  • anello cavallo
    Ring in silver rose gold plated with sapphires, rubies and multicolored diamonds
  • Anello peridoti
    Double ring in yellow gold and oval cut peridots
  • gemelli
    Cufflinks in white gold and baroque pearls
  • discobolo
    Rose gold ring and antique cameo
  • Liberty
    Rose gold ring, carved liberty glass and diamonds
  • anellone ghiro
    Ring in rose gold and rose cut diamonds
  • hipnosis
    Malachite paperweight and Hyonosis's head in rose gold-plated silver. Ruby, amethyst and sapphires