EVOLUTION - Creative Phylogenesis -

From December 4 Jardins du Palais Royal, 145 Galerie Valois -  Paris

« My creative process originates from images, harmonious movements and single words all blending into the spark of new ideas.

This process starts from one point and becomes a line that takes a tridimensional twist and grows into a path only apparently irrational. It then develops in time, it undergoes natural changes and rests reflecting, evolving or even devolving, sometimes.

 As Nature flows through the phylogenetic ramification of living creatures, my creations are an apparent kaleidoscope of different shapes and colors but with always a common root.


 My creative process is precise and sensual, each Jewel is linked to the others.

 Tracing the path from roots to leaves is my Story.

Developing growth is my Present.

Envisioning new nerds and influences is my Future »

Arcangelo Bungaro

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  • Wisteria
    Telling about my creative path is very simple if you read it as if it were a phylogenetic tree. Each species in nature is linked to the other, just as the leaves can be traced back to their roots. My jewels have the same roots and common inspirations, they evolve over time constantly, sometimes involving. The process is continuous and the force that moves it is incessant.
  • Materiali
    Palais Royal is my favorite place in Paris, a green square of fountains and marbles. Fascinating and silent, saturated with history, far from the noise of traffic and the deafening distractions of the most fascinating city in the world, where I feel at home. The pop-up store where I show my latest creations is a tribute to Paris that is my inspiration.
  • centrale
    The video "Phylogenetic creativity" is a suggestion of my world of images, natural elements and movement. Key words that suggest the themes and my inspirations of my creative process to the creation of each jewel. See the video on YouTube
  • collier
    The second video mentions some of my collections, I like to speak about my jewels, the world behind each creation. In my head every jewel I create dances to be admired. See the video on YouTube