This page is about new projects, where the new concept in developing in new creations.


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  • Wisteria
    Inspiration. A Liberty jewel, made in gold, enamel and pearl 'Wisteria' pendant, by Georges Fouquet and √Čtienne Tourrette, circa 1908-1910.
  • Materiali
    Two large baroque pearls, a large prasiolite, silver to enhance the cool and elegant colors of this composition. A string of white pearls will underline the importance of the pendant
  • centrale
    Buds bloom, becoming two pearls. They are positioned in a natural way as the flowers can do. The drop equilibrates the weight, maintaining the position and balancing the movement.
  • collier
    The necklace is mounted with a string of pearls. The length is about 40 cm. A unique piece that made happy an elegant woman.